Froyo coming 18th August for HTC Incredible

It’s a great time in a phone user’s life when they receive a major software update. I remember eagerly awaiting the eclair update for my trusty ol’ HTC Hero.

I also remember the frustration of seeing so many other phones getting the software bump, while I was left in the cold.

You HTC Incredible owners out there are probably feeling a bit like this right now (unless, of course, you grabbed that leaked version). I feel your pain, but I also offer remedy: Froyo should be coming your way this week.

Mashable claim that their magical mysterical (yes, I made that word up) anonymous sources are telling them that your Incredible phone should get the bump to the incredible Froyo come August 18th.

According to my advanced calculations, that’s this Wednesday. This aligns well with the “early August” estimates, we heard back in July, but, as we always say, don’t set your hopes too high: release dates for software updates are notoriously moveable.

[via Engadget]