George Lucas Turns Daily Show Star Into Storm Trooper

While it is my understanding that playing with the actual Jon Stewart is not safe for children over four years of age, it appears that playing with his Star Wars action figure is just fine. This amazing action figure, made specifically for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, was created for presenter Jon Stewart by George Lucas. Needless to say this is not part of canon and is not for sale.

The figure comes with two heads, one with a goatee and one without, and Stewart looks surprisingly virile in his while battle dress.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Lucasfilm had a custom Stormtrooper system? You send in a picture of your head, they scan it onto a 3D model, and then print it out? A-MAY-ZING. Anyway, live long and prosper, Mr. Stewart, and don’t let your kids chew on your custom figure.