What Did Apple Buy When It Bought LiquidMetal? If You Like Watches, You've Already Seen It

If you remember, Apple bought LiquidMetal’s patents last week, allowing the company to create “fluid” metal surfaces in its devices. While there has been plenty of talk about Terminator-like iPhones that flow under and around doors and windows to kill John Connor, but if you’ve seen an Omega watch recently, you’ve already seen liquid metal.

Hodinkee has a video of the Omega Liquidmetal bezel and they note that Omega will not be forced to stop using the technology after Apple’s patent buy.

Essentially, Omega “embeds” liquid metal into the cavities etched into their bezel rings. The metal will remain there indefinitely, never popping out and giving the bezel very high-tech touch.

This also points to some of the potential use for liquid metal in Apple’s manufacturing process including applied Apple logos inside a ceramic body. Quite a few parallels can be drawn between someone like Omega and Apple. Both use excellent materials to make beautiful devices and both add quite a mark-up when you come right down to it.