The 50-inch Samsung PN50C490 Offers 3D For Less Than A Grand

Ready or not, 3D technology is quickly hitting more and more TVs. Soon it will be a standard feature on most mid-tier sets and no longer considered just for early adaptors. Nevermind the fact there’s virtually nothing to watch outside of random sporting events. Samsung’s latest, the PN50C490, drops the technology to the sub-$1000 price-point with an $989 price. The only sacrifice is that the set is only 720p rather than the nearly standard 1080p found on most other sets around that price. But most consumers probably can’t tell the difference, and the real selling point here is 3D anyway. Amazon is now taking pre-orders if you’re ready to take the 3D plunge. Just don’t forget the required glasses. [Amazon via Gizmodo via HD Guru]