Control Your Shutter With The Volume Buttons In Camera+

Camera+ is one of the few essential iPhone applications, and I certainly hope you went and downloaded it back in July when we first told you about it. There was one problem though; as some sharper eyed commenter noticed – the programmers intended for you to be able to use the volume controls to control the shutter, but Apple killed that feature to “avoid confusion”. Well, programmers being who they are, they snuck in an unofficial feature that allows you to activate those volume buttons after all. Aw snap!

The process is fairly simple, involving some trickery with your browser and a hidden feature. Be aware, Apple has little tolerance for people who add hidden features that would cause the app to be denied, so this functionality may go away in the very near future.

Here’s what you do:

Just fire up your Safari browser and enter the following URL into the address bar: camplus://enablevolumesnap. Hit the Go button and you should see Safari close and Camera+ load up, except now when you go into the camera mode hitting either volume button will immediately take the picture. Should you wish to turn the feature off again, simply repeat the process but with camplus://disablevolumesnap instead.

[UneasySilence via TUAW]