AT&T Launches U-verse Mobile So You Never Have To Miss Desperate Housewives Again

Ugh. It’s 5 o’clock, you’re still at work, and you’ve got that dinner with your in-laws at 6:00. Between finishing up and getting through traffic, you’ll never get home in time to shower — OH GOD WAIT FORGET SHOWERING!!11 You forgot to set the DVR to record Desperate Housewives, and now it’s over.

Enter AT&T’s U-verse Mobile.

U-Verse is AT&T’s “better than cable” (while still technically being cable) television experience, which allows for things like playing shows from one DVR in the house on another, or watching multiple TV shows at once on the same screen (because people do that, apparently.)

An updated version of AT&T’s U-Verse Mobile app hits the app store today. In addition to the DVR controlling feature which its had for some time now, its got a new trick up its sleeve: downloadable shows from U-Verse’s on demand catalog. You won’t be able to download shows over 3G (AT&T’s not about to put that pressure on their own network) — but as long as you’ve got WiFi and the foresight to grab the episode before the clock strikes, it’s a way to catch up on some sweet, sweet Teri Hatcher time on the way home.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play with U-Verse Mobile, as I’m not an AT&T Cable customer (which, considering that you need an AT&T U-verse box, is a pre-requisite). With that said, the app is free — so why listen to me blab about it, when you can check it out yourself? If you’re an AT&T U-verse customer who happens to be packing an iPhone, go grab the App here and let us know what you think.