Latest Apple Rumor Speaks Of Smaller iPads & iPods, And Early 2011 iPhone 5 Release Date

Just like iLounge says, take this info with a grain of salt, but apparently one of their trusted sources leaked a bunch of news concerning upcoming info. Best of all, most sounds totally plausible when given a fair amount of justification.

Smaller iPod?

Sure why not. Perhaps that what that small LCD screen that appeared a few weeks back was for. Maybe a new shuffleless shuffle?

Smaller iPad?

Hells yeah. Personally I find the iPad too big and feel that a smaller screen — the rumor says 7-inches — is better suited for most of the tasts. It would make a more portable ebook reader, a better GPS unit, and the scaled iPhone apps wouldn’t look so bad. Plus, it would be totally pocketable.

Early 2011 iPhone 5 release?

Certainly plausible. Apple is still no doubt reeling internally about the whole Antennagate scandel and would probably like to quickly move past the iPhone 4 and onto, I don’t know, the iPhone 4GS. Or it could be the CDMA Verizon iPhone.

New bumpers?

Apple is only giving away the current crop of bumpers through September, which lead many to believe there will be a slightly new model launched afterwards. This rumor states that actually Apple is working on a new lower-cost bumper. Perhaps it will come bundled with the iPhone 4? Who knows.