Video: Dirt 3 Drives Its Way Into Our Hearts, Now With Random Exploding Trucks

One of the more popular games ‘round these parts last year was Dirt 2, the Codemasters-developed offroad racing game. “Will there be a sequel?” Yes, and it will be called Dirt 3.

This is the game’s debut trailer, and it debuted during ESPN’s coverage of the X Games last night.

The game uses an updated version of the engine that powered Dirt 2 and Grid, which I actually preferred to Dirt 2 if only because I’m not as into offroading as some of the other chaps here. The new engine debuts with the upcoming Formula 1 2010, a game I briefly played at E3.

It was quite good, and I look forward to wasting (“investing”) many hours in it when it comes out in September.

Anyhow, Dirt 3 is scheduled for a 2011 release.