The RackTrap, A Jam For The Ladies

Sigh. I tried to palm this off on the rest of the guys but by gar they refused so here we go: this is a waterproof pouch that attaches to any “style bra” and is “designed for women on the go.” Basically it holds your money and credit cards in a spot not many are going to look.

he Fashion Threepack offers Black Lace, White Lace and Nude Lace in one convenient package for $15.95.

The all new Sports Racktrap ($9.95 with free shipping) is sweatproof and now has a velcro closure for even the most active workouts!

Our original Gold Racktrap is $7.95 with free shipping.

I think the logo is kind of, shall we say, unfortunate, but if you want to keep your precious safe between your precious, this may be a solution. Also, the instructions start with “Locate your breasts . Are you a righty or a lefty? Decide what breast is most easily accessible,” which is pretty darn nuts.

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