Kindl3 Already Temporarily Sold Out

I hope you already got your new Kindle. If not, you’re going to be waiting in line for a bit as Amazon is now listing both the $139 WiFi-only model and the full-feature $189 model as “Temporarily Sold Out.” It kind of looks like Amazon found a pricing sweet spot.

The new and improved Kindle ushers in a new age of ebook reading thanks to their lower price. Well, if I was being honest, the Nook hit the same price points albeit $10 higher for each model a few weeks back. But the Kindle is the de facto ebook reading device and the latest generation brings a fair amount of new features to the product: a new E-Ink screen which provides better contrast, faster page load times, double the storage, a Webkit browsers, improved battery life and a smaller form factor. But perhaps the most significant change is the addition of the cheaper WiFi-only model.

All this must have struck a cord with consumers as Amazon quickly went through their initial supply. Ebook readers are quickly dropping in pricepoint and entering new demographics at the same time. Consumers that previously looked upon the slate reading devices as fancy tech toys might all of a sudden be able to afford the luxury. Amazon is still taking orders for the device although it’s more of a placeholder until the supply is replenished.