Highly Sculpted Mouse Fits Your Hand Exactly, Or That's The Plan Anyway

There are, as I have had many opportunities to observe, several approaches to “fitting” a mouse. You’ve got the “universal,” which has a sort of generally pleasing shape, like the SteelSeries Xai. You’ve got the highly-sculpted ones, which have individual grooves for your thumb and a sort of lopsided profile. A good recent example would be the Cyber Snipa Silencer. Then you have the middle road with sculpted, but still generalized, shapes, like the Razer Death Adder and Mamba.

But this thing goes beyond sculpting. It’s like the bottom half of a glove.

The G50 Vanguard is still a concept, and I’m afraid it might have to stay that way. The trouble with the sculpted style is that it rarely fits your hand exactly, and of course it’s completely incompatible with some mousing styles. I tend to grip the mouse lightly like a puck and move it around with small wrist and finger movements. I wouldn’t be able to do that with the G50 Vanguard because in order to operate it, I have to have my hand flat on it, totally splayed out, and move it almost entirely with my wrist. I’d never go for it.

Ultimately that’s the problem with the sculpted style, and the G50, while it may be the final form of said style, also embodies its flaws more than any other. If a tool doesn’t allow for some wiggle room in how you use it, then you either have to change the way you use it or get another tool.

[via Dvice]