Video: DIY Lego Drum Machine NXT-606

In 1998 Lego introduced the MINDSTORMS product line. The NXT is a brick-shaped computer that can take in sensory input, control motors and most importantly in this case, play back sounds. The NXT-606 drum machine is based on this unit and I must say it sounds pretty good. You can even get a set yourself and build your own.

You can get more information and the free software here.


  • Monophonic sample based drum machine
  • 24 percussion and Fx sounds
  • Sampling rate: 8Khz
  • memory: 96 measures
  • control: 2 rotation sensor +NXT buttons
  • hacked loud speaker to mono output: jack 6,35mm
  • Editor: NXT-G
  • Real time operation

Main page:

  • Mode: edit/loop4/loop8/…/loop96
  • Play: play/stop
  • Save and copy
  • Measure: 1 to 96
  • Tempo: 20 to 200
  • Swing: 0 to 9
  • Humanisation: not achieved

Edit page:

  • Graphic pattern editor
  • Selected step: 1 to 16
  • Sound: 1 to 24
  • Velocity: 0/25/50/100%

[via Synthtopia]