Playstation logo licenced for clothing, “lifestyle” products

Hey you. Yeah, you Sony fanboi. You know who I’m talking to; you’re the guy that watching blogs for articles about the PS3, and defending everything Sony does with a rabid mindless worship that borders on fanaticism. You’ll be able to show your love of everything shiny, black, and Sony to the outside world now. Well, maybe not the “outside” world, since we all know you never leave your basement.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that they’ve just launched a logo licensing program, intended for clothing companies, “lifestyle” companies (Playstation perfume anyone?), and companies that just want to use the cross, triangle, square, circle marks. Sony claims this is to “enrich the license products that will make the Playstation brand more accessibe than ever.” And make them money.

The shirt shown is just a conceptual design, and doesn’t actually exist.

[via 1up]