Wallee: The Real Apple TV

Look at me. Now look at the kitchen wall. Now look at me again. I’m on a horse. Look again? Look at the iPad on the wall!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to present to you the Wallee, a thingamabob for your iPad that lets you attach it to your wall. That’s right: you’ve just made your own 10-inch Apple TV.

While I’m sure this isn’t what countless pundits meant when they said Apple would make a “TV,” this is pretty nuts. It’s $49 and mounts just like a flatscreen mount. It comes in multiple colors and could be one of the best solutions out there if you want to keep your iPad out of harm’s way in the kitchen. Otherwise, this is totes overkill. Also, I suspect the folks at Wallee will soon be hearing from Pixar.

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