Microsoft says Xbox is far cheaper for motion gaming but are they right?

Microsoft has come up with its own internal version of a price comparison between motion control platforms. Of course, Microsoft shows their way being the cheapest route to motion control, but it really depends on how you’re playing the game.

Costs for New Console Owners

Shown above is what Microsoft believes is the minimum price inorder to play with two players for each system. But, let’s say you prefer to  fly alone, then pricing comes down to a more comparable level. You see, Kinect doesn’t require controllers, the main price weight for the rest of the systems. Remember tho, Kinect only allows you to play with two players max.

Costs for Existing Console Owners

Again, even if you already have a system, Microsoft shows itself winning the price comparison. So this could definitely be off if going with one player or you already have controllers. In fact, Wii takes the lead on low price ($100) followed by the move at $130 — assuming you need a Navigation controller.

Lets break this down

Cheapest way to get into motion gaming

  • Xbox – Buy the $300 bundle that comes with Kinect and Kinect Adventures this November.
  • PS3 – Wait until the new $400 bundle comes out (Sept. 19). It’s pretty much the Move starter kit and hopefully a 120GB PS3.
  • Wii – Go find a $200 bundle that comes with controller, nunchuck, Wii motion plus and Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Special thanks to Nicholas for graciously allowing me to use his likeness in both the top image and video. He’s special.