to sell movie tickets on the Xbox 360

In a lateral move that is akin to a car company selling buggy whips, will start selling movie tickets through an Xbox 360 interface, thereby allowing players to experience a thing called “real life” and perhaps take part in a common courtship ritual known as a “date.”

As you see from the description, you don’t actually buy the movie tickets via the interface but instead are connected to a “Microsoft tag” that brings you to a payment system for tickets using a mobile phone.

Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. are now able to make mobile movie ticket purchases through a text-in or a Microsoft Tag viewed in movie studio advertisements. By clicking on a feature film’s advertisement on Xbox LIVE, a user can download and interact with relevant movie content. In addition, they can now activate a Microsoft Tag via their mobile phone which will direct the consumer to a co-branded website to purchase tickets through all domestic theater partners, which includes several of the largest exhibitors in the U.S.

Pro tip for gamers who may attempt to “see a movie:” Although this is not mentioned, it is a generally accepted practice to put on pants before leaving the home.