You can now supercharge the Dell Precision M6500 notebook with 32GB of memory [Update]

Do you have the need to work with, I don’t know, the entire raw Google Earth data in real time? Or maybe you job requires you to run Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, and MASSIVE simultaneously while you’re away from your cubical. If so, let me direct you towards the recently-updated Dell M6500. This boy will soon be available with 32GB of DDR3-1333MHz RAM.

As of this post’s writing, the option isn’t available for selecting just yet, although it’s listed under the product’s description. Seeing as the 16GB costs $1,051 though, all that memory isn’t going to come cheap. Good thing that the peeps this option is marketed towards either work for government agencies with three letter names or research companies backed with from funds from SPECTRE or the like.

Update: Dell just hit up with the price: $9,300 will get you a configuration with the 32GB option. The update should hit the customizer at 3pm EDT.