Zynga's FrontierVille Hits 20 Million Monthly Users

People sure love clobbering virtual snakes. Social gaming powerhouse Zynga has just released the latest stats for its new game FrontierVille, and it’s clear that it’s off to a solid start: around five weeks after launching, the game is now up to 20 million monthly users, with around 6 million Daily Active Users (DAUs). That’s up from 5 million DAUs on June 22, when the game had around 12 million monthly users.

Zynga has also released the following stats about what people are actually doing on their virtual frontiers:

6.3 million people have built their frontier cabins
3.3 million people have built a general store
2.3 million people got married
1.1 million people have had a kid
10 million people have clobbered a snake (snakes were clobbered 252 million
3.6 million people have scared away a bear (bears were scared away 128 million times)

So why is this significant? Zynga’s games hit a slump earlier this year and its top game FarmVille has been steadily losing users — the company needs to prove that it can keep pumping out hits. FrontierVille is already ranked as the company’s third most popular game, after FarmVille and Poker, and its monthly active stats are still growing nicely. Still, some of these users may simply be making the switch from FarmVille to FrontierVille (the games share many similarities), and it remains to be seen if FrontierVille has the same staying power as FarmVille has displayed.

I still believe that Zynga needs to launch some truly innovative, different games if it wants to score another hit on the same level as FarmVille in its hayday.