Review: Pepsi Strong Shot

I’m in Japan right now and I just downed a can of Pepsi Strong shot, a power drink from Pepsi that has all the sugar and taste of Pepsi but more caffeine. My verdict? Pretty weird and pretty effective.

I immediately felt a caffeine rush upon drinking the tiny can and I’m still kind of buzzing from the stuff. It definitely doesn’t taste like an energy drink – it’s more like a very condensed form of Pepsi. It’s pretty late here and I’m thinking about going to bed. Although I feel the Pepsi Strong Shot pep, it hasn’t cut through my jetlag.

Bottom line? This stuff is like ice Pepsi – a concentrated, super-caffeiney version of Pepsi, the sort of Pepsi you’d get after freezing out all the water. Will I give up sugar free Red Bull for it? Probably not, but it’s worth a try if you spot some.