Optimus Prime set to protect China against Japan's Gundam

The stage is set. The lines are drawn. It’s the battle of the ages. Optimus Prime vs RX-78-2. Transformers vs Gundam.

Optimus Prime stands 40 feet tall and weighs in at 6 tons. He’s fittingly constructed of recycled car parts such as engines, bodies, and tires. He’s more than ready to protect the Beijing’s “Bird Nest” stadium located near by.

The 60-foot RX-78-2 was just reconstructed in part of Gundam’s 30th anniversary bash. This time he stands guard with a massive 1:1 scale beam saber.

All we can hope for as here in the states is that the Thundercats will protect us in case the two massive robots form an unholy robot alliance under the banner of robocalypse. [Topless Robot via technabob