A Bluetooth-controlled sheet music page-turner for the iPad. Sure, why not?

Ever since someone wrote down music on more than one page, musicians have struggled. The advances during the Renaissance (i.e. another person turning the pages for you) improved things somewhat, but not until 2010 has a true solution been imagined. Of course, it involves an iPad. Everything does nowadays.

I actually don’t really buy the “iPad as sheet music reader” completely. I mean, it’s probably handy for a few pieces here and there, but isn’t it rather a nonstandard size? Sheet music is generally around folio size, isn’t it? The notes seem like they might be cramped on the iPad screen, and nobody wants to mistake a flat for a… whatever.

But for those who do find it useful, this little Bluetooth foot pedal seems like a pretty good idea. I seem to recall these existing in “analog” form for some time now, but I think they’re pretty unreliable. Precision flautists require better.

Sorry, this post came out pretty ignorant. Might be because it’s very hot in my apartment. Anyway, If you’re a musician and are interested in using the iPad to enhance your performance, give this thing a look.