LogMeIn Ignition lands on Android

When it comes to remotely controlling your computer from your Android phone, there’s no shortage of solutions. Heck, many of’em are even free. The downside? They generally require a bit of technical know-how to get up and running, with little obstacles like dynamic IPs and router firewalls gunking things up.

Back in 2008, LogMeIn launched an iPhone app called LogMeIn Ignition, which promised to do away with the chunkified setup process, support Macs/PCs, and offer a smoother experience than that found through alternatives like VNC. Today, LogMeIn is announced that they’ve successfully ported that app to the lil’ green bot, pulled it out of Beta, and launched it into the Android Market. At $30 bucks, it doesn’t come cheap — but if it’s anywhere near as slick as the iPhone app, it’s probably worth it.