Apple's iPhone 4 may not be perfect, but it is environmentally friendly

A handy Greenpeace e-mail popped into my e-mail collector unit that reminded me of this: hey, Apple is a nice company to the environment! While the iPhone 4 may be a flawed hunk of junk, it is constructed out of Earth-friendly materials. Not a stitch of PVC plastic or BFR to be found. Meanwhile, Dell has waffled and waffled for years now, saying that, oh sure, our products will be totally green within a few years. That was in 2005.

Here we are in the year 2010, and Dell still cannot meets its commitments.

Companies that have committed to removing PVC plastic and BFRs from its products, and have: HP, Sony Ericsson (phones), Nokia (phones), and Acer (laptops).

Not to pick on Dell exclusively, Sony, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Lenovo (minus two monitors) are all pretty bad when it comes to producing PVC plastic and BFR-free products.

Now here’s an honest question: how many of you make purchasing decisions based on how “green” a product is? Let’s say there was some awesome monitor or keyboard, but it was the least green item available—would you still get it? I’m genuinely curious because I cannot imagine the average person pays too close attention to how green an item is. People what what they like and what they can afford, right?