RIM releases another BlackBerry OS 6.0 video — what do you think?

With just about everyone else in the smartphone world churning out handset after handset, RIM has been relatively quiet lately. They’re not trying to hide the reason, though: they’re working hard on BlackBerry OS 6.0, and they want people to know it.

They’ve just released a second preview video of their brand new operating system, and this one is just oh, oh so much better than that last one. Why?

A) No Black Eyed Peas soundtrack.
B) No accidental homages to the iPhone.
C) You can actually see what the heck is going on.

This has my interests piqued. At least at first glance, the UI seems to exist on some layer between the over-simplicity of the iPhone’s interface and the inane complexity of that of Android. It could be a hot mess in person — but at least on video, it’s making me want to touch it.

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