Review: Cocoon Innovations Gramercy iPad Bag

Back when the iPad was new and the world was a different place, we thought we could have it all. This was before the Gulf oil spill, before the horrors of LeBron, before the East Coast heat wave of ought-ten. Back then we thought men could wear little purses to carry their iPads in. Sadly, those heady, care-free days are gone.

Cocoon Innovations is best known for their Grid-It system of gear control. The Grid-It is a sheet of oddly intertwined straps covered in sticky elastic fabric that will accept chargers and other odd things and allows you to carry your important items without them jostling in your bag. It is, in short, ingenious.

However, the Gramercy Bag, shown here, is not. This tiny little iPad murse is just big enough for an iPad and maybe a small bottle of Southern Comfort. Little else will fit in it. It is also far too small for the male of average size, as exhibited by this image:

There you see the bag, dangling like an unanswered question.

This is not to say, if you’re so inclined, that you can’t love this $29.99 bag. In fact, my good lady wife commandeered it for a while to use as he little summer purse. It’s cleverly shaped, waterproof, and it has a little panel in the front for your iPhone. We tried the orange and gray model, which is considered quite trendy on the beaches of Brooklyn.

But I don’t think the world is ready for the iPad Man Purse. If you own an iPad, you probably own all manner of accoutrements including, but not limited to, a camera, a notebook, a pen, a bottle of Advil, a yo-yo, the skull of a marmoset in lucite, and perhaps a lock-picking kit (I’m just going through my own bag for examples.) Sadly, this particular bag will not hold all of those and even if they did, you wouldn’t want to wear it.

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