Video: Adobe shows off Flash for Android running on the Droid X

For the remaining chunk of the world that refuses to let go of the garbage platform that is Flash, this video should be pretty exciting.

Motorola/Adobe weren’t ready to show off Flash functionality when we checked out the device last week — but by the looks of this video, they’ve got a pretty-dang-functional Beta version of it under lock and key somewhere.

It’s important to keep a few caveats in mind whilst watching the video — and of course, these things go unmentioned: No matter what Adobe implies, not all Flash is going to work on Android. Even if they manage to get the platform efficient enough to handle even the most vector-hungry game on the relatively weak (relative to the CPUs/GPUs of full-blown computers that choke on them), a big ol’ chunk of the Flash content out there simply wasn’t designed for touch. Mice can hover and move about the screen without ever clicking — your touchscreen can’t. Note the casual passing mention that the content you’re seeing is “mobile optimized”.

With that said, Flash running smooth and seemingly fully functioned is still exciting. Enjoy the video: