U.S. Army Wikileaks whistleblower faces 52 years

The kid who allegedly leaked footage of the U.S. military up to no good to Wikileaks faces a maximum of 52 years behind bars. The moral of the story is, leaking information, even if it’s for the greater good, doesn’t make much sense when you work for the military. Maybe that’s not the moral, but it’s certainly the lesson to be learned here.

The kid, Pfc. Bradley Manning, is alleged to have leaked various documents to Wikileaks, chief among them that video of U.S. military personnel killing unarmed Iraqis. Manning is being held at an installation in Kuwait.

It all seems to be early days, with very little concrete information out there. Boing Boing talked to a U.S. Army Public Affairs officer, and found out that Manning still hasn’t retained an attorney.