Low price Sony 3D TV bundle includes movies, PS3 games & home theater-in-a-box

Too bad it’s not raining money

Sony‘s still trying to make 3DTV “stick,” so it’s devised a clever little money-saving promotion to get you behind the wheel of this car today. It comes down to: you buy a Bravia HX8000 and Sony throws in a bunch of free stuff.

“Free stuff?!” you almost certainly don’t say. “What type of free stuff?”

Stuff that’s useful for a new 3DTV owner. That is, two pairs of 3D glasses, the transmitter (TMR-BR100), a copy of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and “IMAX Deep Sea 3D” on 3D Blu-ray, four 3D PS3 games, and a Blu-ray home theater in-a-box (the BDV-E570).

All of that’s in addition to a $340 knock-down in price.

The 46-inch model will set you back $2,429. The 54.6-inch model? Try $3,059.

You have to love that these companies are trying to shove 3DTV down our throats when the economy is in shambles and unemployment is still through the roof. A fine time to introduces a new and wildly expensive technology!

Are there enough flush “early adopters” out there willing to pay nearly $2,500 to see a cartoon in “3D”?