Twitter Is Missing Some @Replies

Yesterday, users and developers started complaining of missing @replies in Twitter streams. At first Twitter infrastructure engineer John Kalucki wrote in the forum that the mentions timelines were updating with additional latency but the issue should be fixed. However, developers and users continued to not see missing @replies on the network.

Twitter just confirmed that @ replies have disappeared from some timelines for no apparent reason and are currently working on a fix for the problem. According to the recent post: Some users are experiencing an issue in which they’re not receiving all of their @ replies; we’re working on a fix.

It’s unclear what the cause of the issue is but Twitter has been experiencing major downtime due to increased traffic from The World Cup. However, it seems that @replies started to go missing yesterday, a day which didn’t include any major World Cup games. Last week, the network even slashed its API rate, taking the default limit from 350 and cutting it to 175 for third party developers. And the network just rescheduled its ‘oAuthcalypse’ thanks to the downtime.