Hurt Locker copyright owners not trying to stop the sharing

While the producers of Hurt Locker have been quick to sue anyone they can find that’s downloaded the film, they’re not following the typical pattern of movie producers. Typically, after the producers start suing everyone they can find that downloaded the movie, they send out cease and desist orders. Not in this case.

Of course, everyone has heard the story about the movie, the Hurt Locker. The movie pretty much failed at the box office, so the producers have decided make their money back by suing everyone who downloaded a copy of the film. This of course has been met with some derision amongst film viewers, since the film was considered to be of less then stellar quality. Of course, most companies immediately go after the bittorrent sites and tell them to cease and desist. Instead, the Hurt Locker people haven’t done that. It’s really not a stretch to suggest that they are doing this in order to get more people that download the movie. I guess they have to try and make money in some way.

via TorrentFreak