Blu-ray not coming to the Mac anytime soon

Been wondering exactly when you’d see a Blu-ray drive in your new Macbook or iMac? Well, if the emails that have been leaking out from Mr. Jobs have been any indication, you’re not going to see them at all.

In a recent email exchange with a user, Steve himself expressed the opinion that people would be more likely to use content download outlets such as iTunes to download and view content instead of needing to use a drive built into a computer. It’s not a terribly strange concept, considering the popularity of media outlets like Hulu, and iTunes. In fact, I’d have to agree with Steve on this one. Perhaps leaving the drive out is the thing to do (which could be used for software or other storage), and it might not actually be necessary for video or other media.

During the email exchange, the user suggested that the Blu-ray format would be useful – considering the high density backup potential, and the high quality video. Steve, unfortunately, did not agree, as shown in his response:

No, free, instant gratification and convenience (likely in that order) is what made the downloadable formats take off. And the downloadable movie business is rapidly moving to free (Hulu) or rentals (iTunes) so storing purchased movies or TV shows is not an issue.

I think you may be wrong – we may see a fast broad move to streamed free and rental content at sufficient quality (at least 720p) to win almost everyone over.

[via MacRumors]