Netflix wants to build an Android app, but needs some help

Netflix Instant Queue streaming? For Android? Yes please.

While Netflix seems to be dumping about 100% of their mobile efforts into their iPad and upcoming iPhone apps right now, that can’t last forever. With every major manufacturer putting Android on just about every other device, it’s finding its user base simply by being on everything. Netflix wants in on that.

According to this job posting spotted by BGR, Netflix is on the prowl for an Android Video engineer to make your dreams of watching National Lampoon’s European Vacation and a bunch of cheesy B movies whilst on the bus a reality.

We should note, however, that our cursory glance around the Internets indicates that this post has been up and down since April of this year. This can be taken two different ways: from the pessimistic view, one could take this to mean that Netflix hasn’t found any capable Android developer for the project, so work on the streaming client hasn’t even started yet. I prefer the optimist’s view: perhaps Netflix has found their Android engineer, but wants to bring another one or two (or five) onto the team to speed up development?

Either way, it’s certainly not a matter of if Android will get Netflix streaming — just when.