Apple's failure is your gain: User iPhone 4 reviews flood the Internet

What’s the difference between a tech pundit and some dude who likes the iPhone? Not much, actually. That’s why I’m glad to see that, thanks to Apple’s inability to release units on the right day this week – it appears FedEx didn’t hold the shipments and basically bombed them out like they would for everyone else in the world – there are plenty of firsthand experiences with the iPhone 4.

The best one is by Sachin Patel, a student and gadget fan. He goes through the device just like the big boys, shooting video, taking demo photos, and generally running a train on his pre-release hardware.

You can follow him on Twitter right here. My only concern is that all this success will go to his head and he’ll become the next Ed Baig, drunk on power and prestige, violently hurling thunderbolts of prose from the Olympian fortress that is USA Today.