The parade of StarCraft II accessories begins with customized SteelSeries Zboard keyboard

T-minus one month and counting till the release of StarCraft II, and we’re starting to see officially branded peripherals hit the store shelves. Here’s one such peripheral: the SteelSeries StarCraft II Limited Edition Zboard. As the name suggests, it’s based on the company’s Z Board, except, you know, StarCraft-ified.

What does that mean?

The custom keyset for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty offers players dedicated short-cut keys, complete key remapping for full keyset customization and beautiful game graphics that will enable quick mastery of the game, increase the users’ actions per minute (APM) and deliver unparalleled levels of engagement.

That’s a lot of fluff, yeah, if not for the fact that the Z Board is generally well-received online. So, add a couple of dedicated buttons and whatnot, and you should win over even the most ardent fan.

Will South Korea be open for business when the game comes out, or will the entire country take a sick day?