Verizon posts DroidX teaser, complete with all sorts of hidden details

Oh, you thought Verizon was done dumping mad money into advertising their Droid line after the launch of the first one? Yeah, nope. They’ve just posted a crazy flashy teaser video for the Droid X — a handset that isn’t even officially announced yet — complete with hidden easter eggs for the detail obsessed.

Join us after the break for the frame-by-frame.

(Some frames have been reversed to make’em easier to read)

0:01 – The eyeball above sets the ultra-creepy, Clockwork-Orange-esque mood right away.

0:02 – DroidLanding? A quick google search lead to this Twitter account. Its been around for about an hour, and already has as many Twitter followers as I do. That’s either a success on Verizon’s part, or a failure on mine.

0:03 – We already knew the Droid X had a 4.3″ display, but this positively confirms that it’s a WVGA (854×480) resolution screen, and not the slightly-higher-res screen that late rumors had indicated might slip into the shipping units.

0:06 – HDMI Output

0:07 – 8 Megapixel camera

0:09 – There’s nothing hidden here — it’s just damned cool to look at.

0:14 – 07.2010. Through the user of advanced mathematics, science, and witchcraft, we were able to deduce that this translates to the month of July 2010. In other words: while Verizon will announce the Droid X on June 23rd, it probably won’t ship until July. That’s probably a good idea, given that the iPhone 4 launches on the 24th; for a case study on what happens when you launch a device right before a new iPhone comes out, see the Palm Pre.

Yeah, yeah — we already knew just about all of the details that were tucked into this video. Still, you’ve gotta appreciate that someone at Verizon is throwing in little bits for those obsessive enough to notice them.

The full video is embedded below. Spot anything else in it? Let us know in the comments.