Dell and Google talking about Chrome OS (as they should be)

Dell and Google are already sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. The computer company currently offers Android on its Aero smartphone and Streak tablet. But a Reuters report is stating that Dell is “in talks” to offer Google’s upcoming desktop software in a computer as well — sometime.


“There are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in two, three years, with a new form of computing, we want to be on that forefront … So with Chrome or Android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders,” Midha said, adding that there were no firm announcements to be made but talks were underway.

But that’s about all we have and isn’t much of a story at that. This report doesn’t suggesting that Dell will be a launch partner for the OS launch, but is simply talking with Google to eventually bring Chrome OS to its lineup. Chances are every single computer manufacturer is doing the same thing. If they aren’t, they’re doing it wrong.