iPhone 4 pre-orders begin shipping

EVERYBODY PANIC! Wait. No. What’s that other thing we use to open posts sometimes?

Good news, everyone! Yeah. That’s the one. Good news, everyone! According to roughly 67 billion tips in our inbox, Pre-ordered iPhone 4s have just started hitting delivery trucks around the country!

If you pre-ordered, go ahead — go check if your status has changed. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Actually, we won’t wait, because this is text and that is impossible.

Before you get too excited: just because your device shipped today and you live eighteen feet from a FedEx depot doesn’t mean that you’re getting your iPhone 4 early. Apple tends to have tricks up their sleeves to keep these things locked down until the big day (sort of like Santa, wherein Santa is Steve Jobs. Sorry, kids, Steve Jobs isn’t real.) With that said, some do slip through the cracks from time to time, so don’t be too ashamed if you’ve got an urge to camp out on your stoop. We’ll be right there with you (except on our own stoop, not yours. You’re cool and all, we just really like our stoop.)

First person to get their pre-order early gets.. uhh.. gets their iPhone 4 before everyone else! Hurray!

[Thanks Scott B. and everyone else!]