ShirtsMyWay: design your own dress shirt

Are you struggling to find just the right shirt for your wardrobe? Something blue, with a white collar, and maybe red buttons? Good luck finding that at the upscale clothing retailers near you! But thanks to the marvels of The Internet you can design your own dress shirt at and have it delivered right to your door. With seven trillion combinations, you’re sure to be able to create just the shirt you need!

ShirtsMyWay is an innovative technology platform that lets users design over 7 trillion different men’s dress shirts in a way that’s unique and intuitive. It breaks down the dress shirt into components, which users can customize in both shape and fabric. Furthermore, it also guides users in specifying measurements for a custom tailored fit. It is becoming an entirely new way of looking at customization.

The previous shirt designs and measurement profiles are automatically saved and can be reloaded in the future for each individual user. The easy-to-use design panel interface that customers interact with is supported by a complex web system working to let people all over the world comfortably design and securely shop. ShirtsMyWay enables people with complete product designability.

The site itself is extremely easy to use. You pick the color and fabric of your shirt, and optionally customize everything: short or long sleeves, inner and outer collar, yoke, placket, each cuff both inside and out, and pocket. You can add an optional monogram. You choose the cuff type (one button, two button, cocktail, etc), buttons, botton holes, and optional epaulets. And finally you select your sizing options: you can use your body measurements, you can measure an existing fitted shirt (detailed instructions are provided for how to do this properly), or you can select a standard size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Standard shipping is free worldwide (mostly: see details), which means you can expect your shirt in about 15 days. Expedited shipping is available for a small fee if you need your shirt in nine days.

ShirtsMyWay also has a blog to help you improve your fashion sense.

Combine ShirtsMyWay with your “sockscription” to ensure your wardrobe is a success.