Oops! HTC Droid Incredible takes snapshots of sites you visit, hangs on to them after a hard reset

Thinking of selling your Droid Incredible? If you’re a mob-boss, peruser of the freaky-deaky, or someone who visits websites with sensitive data on their handset, you might want to hold off.

Turns out, the Droid Incredible is snapping shots of the sites you visit for use with the built-in Bookmarks widget. That, in itself, isn’t a big deal; there are a dozen traces of every website you visit on just about any device, mobile or not. The unfortunate part is just how hard it is to get rid of these ones.

“What’s the big deal?” you say. “Just do a factory reset!”

Yep – that would generally work. Unfortunately.. that’s not the case here. Dump your history? They stick around. Factory reset? They stick around. As a reader at BGR has discovered, the only way to get rid of these itty bitty snapshots in time is to go in and manually delete them, requiring both a knowledge of their existence and a pinch of technical know-how.

This could be a lot worse, of course; it’s not like HTC is sending these screenshots off to some secret agency, and this is almost certainly something that can be fixed in an OTA update. Think of it as not being able to wipe the history in your browser, and treat your device accordingly until a fix comes around. You don’t really want the person buying your phone to know about your Hello Kitty “fan-art” fascination, do you?