HTC EVO 4G performance capped at 30fps

EVO 4G capped to 30fps
The super spec’ed HTC EVO 4G has been taking a bit of a beating lately — what with its woeful battery performance and exaggerated sales claims — but this latest report falls on the far side of peculiar.

Users over at XDA are reporting that the framerate of the device seems to be capped at 30fps in both 2D and 3D modes. I say “capped” because a device with these kinds of specs should be hitting much higher framerates.

For instance, the considerably slower Hero hits an (anecdotal) average of 54 fps when flitting about the home screen. What’s worse, is that when a Froyo build is flashed, not only does the 30fps cap remain, but while the phone is booting, the bootscreen animation hits 60fps.

So, the big question remains: who’s to blame? Google/Android or HTC? And, while I’m pointing fingers, what about Sprint? Or Dick Cheney? I’ve probably gone too far, but the issue remains a mystery.

A bug has been filed at Google Code — just in case it is an Android issue — so feel free to star it so that it gets the Android Dev Team’s attention (just don’t comment on it; I hate it when people do that).

Given XDA’s previous track record, no doubt they’ll find a solution soon, but whether or not an official solution is implemented will have to be seen. You can bet your best chicken that we’ll let you know when and if it does, though.

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