Eyes-on with Sony's new 3D TVs reveals image issues

You may remember that Sony recently unveiled its new line of 3D LCD TVs. All well and good, I thought. I think active shutter glasses are a transient technology, but hey, if they work, they work. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work in this case — or so thought HD Guru at a recent demo.

Make no mistake, active shutter glasses can work just fine in other situations, but it’s a technology that demands extreme precision, as evidenced by the continual revision of the components. Timing trouble on the level of microseconds can result in ghosting, double vision, and other issues, and it seems that the units HD Guru got to look at weren’t quite up to snuff.

It seems that even a slight tilt of the head resulted in double vision, and a red or blue shift depending on which way you tilt. Lord! Imagine if you had to sit straight as an arrow through a whole movie! I’ll hold off for now, thanks.

[via Gizmodo]