Motorola Droid 2 gets some proper spy shots (and spy video!)

Take that keyboard-only shot of the Droid 2 we saw last week, and the blurry face shot we saw yesterday. Put’em together. What do you get? Proper, mostly blur-free spyshots of the next Droid, keyboard and all.

In addition to unearthing these shots, the folks over at Droid-Life also managed to pull together some specs.

What they’re hearing so far:

  • Android 2.1
  • 3.7″ Screen
  • 750Mhz OMAP Processor
  • WiFi (with tethering support)
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 8GB microSD card included
  • 5 megapixel camera

Alas, it has its caveats: It seems to be running Motoblur — which, depending on your stance, could be a good or bad thing. There’s no front facing camera, which is quickly becoming a pretty standard feature on higher-end smartphones. Finally, unlike the still-only-rumored Shadow, there’s no HDMI output.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like a massive departure from the original Droid, but more of a marginal improvement with some much welcome polish. If nothing else, them getting rid of the terrible D-Pad makes it all worth it.

Droid-Life also got their hands on the nifty little clip below, showing the Droid 2 booting to life — but unfortunately, that’s where it ends. For a few more shots, head over toDroid-Life .