Video: BlackBerry 9670 clamshell and BB OS 6.0 demoed

BlackBerry 9670 clamshell fliphoneWhile not the first video appearance of our peculiar clamshell friend, the BlackBerry 9670, this latest hands-on is the most extensive.

Clocking in at a combined 12 minutes, Driphter have uploaded two videos of the new device, which I’ve embedded for you, below.

First up is a 1m 33s “hardware review” which doesn’t really expose anything more than we’ve already seen. The narrator comments on the wasted space around the keyboard, but does say that the large 480 x 360 screen should make browsing “pleasant”.

The second video is the juicy one, however, as it gives us the most in-depth look at the upcoming OS we’ve seen yet.

That’s right, 10m 27s of BlackBerry OS 6.0. I don’t know what more you could want on a Wednesday morning. Personally, I watched it while listening to Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express/Abzug/Metal On Metal, and it made the 10 minutes fly by, but YMMV.

The video points out that the 9670 will come with 512MB on-board storage, and also alludes that there may be some touch functionality in the phone, but the narrator speculates that it will likely only be on the front screen of the device. As if the idea of a chunky clamshell BlackBerry wasn’t crazy enough, they had to make the only touchscreen the front info display. Well done, guys.

[via Gizmodo]