Full-body exoskeleton game controller to be shown at E3

From the Falcon to the NeuroSky to all these new motion controllers, the world seems to be in a big hurry to replace traditional control methods. I don’t blame ’em: we’ve been using the same tools for far too long, but… really, an entire exoskeleton for tracking movement and giving force feedback? I get a sneaking feeling that this may not be the next Wiimote.

The controller technology was actually developed in the medical field, for rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes. The servos in the controller (feels wrong to call it a controller when it totally envelops your arms and torso) will activate and stop or resist movement when, say, you punch someone in the game. Sounds kind of cool, and I don’t doubt their power, since the Falcon and other force-feedback devices really give you a pounding.

Unfortunately, the whole Power Loader outfit won’t be ready at E3 — Forcetek is just showing the arm controller, with “shoulder, back and lower body attachments” on the way.