AdMob's AdWhirl adds AdSense ads

What do you call alliteration when every word in the sentence starts with the same two letters, as in the headline above? Is there a word for it? If not, I propose ultralliteration.

Anyway, this one’s for the developers out there: AdWhirl (which allows devs to serve ads from multiple ad networks while only requiring them to implement one ad unit) has just added support for Google’s Adsense for Mobile.

AdWhirl’s a bit late to the AdSense party, given that AdSense for Mobile has been in beta since June of last year (a year long beta? Who does Google think they are, Google?) With that said, the timing makes sense: AdWhirl is operated by AdMob, and AdMob’s acquisition by Google officially closed last week.

AdSense hops on board as AdWhirl’s seventh supported ad network, amongst AdMob, iAd, Jumptap, MdotM, Millennial Media, and Quattro Wireless.