Got hot hands? You need a keyboard with a built-in fan

I possess many faults, but to my great relief, sweaty palms are not among them. Maybe during a marathon Harvest Moon session, but that’s all. I just get so excited! Anyway, if you’re among the proud, the few, the sweaty-palmed, this keyboard may be for you. Its little fan will keep your digits dry all day long… and all night strong.

It could also be useful if you just live somewhere hot. The keyboard itself doesn’t look like any great shakes — kind of like a downmarket Sidewinder X4 — but that fan could be a lifesaver if things start getting slippery. It’s called the Challenger, from Thermaltake (who else?) and no one’s sure if it will be available here in the US, or for how much.


if you live in a cold area, you might want to get this red-hot (not actually heated) Aivia keyboard from Gigabyte. It’s actually really, really cool looking, though whether that shape is practical, I don’t know. I’m using a 7G right now, which is about as traditional as it gets.

I think they were trying to evoke Ferrari, right down to the little badge. Works for me.