Design feedback tool FineTuna to go under the hammer

FineTuna, the dead-simple image sharing and annotation service, has been put up for auction.

The service targets designers who wish to share concepts with their clients and get feedback in the form of comments, although it’s suitable for any kind of design collaboration. FineTuna also offers a Firefox add-on to capture an entire web page or send individual images, which has been downloaded 10,000 times, according to the auction listing.

Alan O’Rourke from Spoilt Child Design, the Irish company that developed FineTuna, says that they’ve decided to sell the product and its assets (source code, domain name etc.) to concentrate on their other startup, the rich email newsletter creator. All proceeds from the sale of FineTuna will go towards Toddle’s “business development”, says O’Rourke.

Of course, FineTuna exists in a very crowded space. Direct competitors include the likes of Backboard, ConceptShare, ProofHQ, Proof-It-Online, Cozimo, Review Basics, Fleck, VyooPoint, and Skitch.

Traffic to FineTune isn’t exactly standout either, the site claims 78,510 unique visitors in the last 12 months. That said, there’s some potential for further development, and with the reserve price set at $20k there might be some takers.