AT&T's second Android Handset, HTC Aria, launching in June

While AT&T are still happy to be rolling in the money brought in from the iPhone exclusivity agreement, they aren’t stupid enough to ignore the other mobile platform completely.

AT&T have previously announced that there will be 5 Android handsets launching in 2010, and we now have word that the first of these 5 (the second in their history) will be the HTC Aria.

Phone Dog say that the new device will be announced at an event on June 7 (no, not that event), which is… strange.

So far, the only shots of the device have come from its time at the FCC, and, sadly, there is hardly any info on specs.

So far we know it rocks Android 2.1 with Sense UI, a full QWERTY keyboard, and… that’s it. It is rumoured, however, to be a competitor to the Incredible, Nexus One, and (dare I say) EVO 4G, so let’s hope AT&T/HTC deliver something impressive.

It still remains to be seen if AT&T will continue their peculiar stance of disabling non-Market installation of apps (as seen on the Motorola Backflip), but we’re allowed to dream, right?

[via Phone Arena]