LG Fathom launching soon, shows up in Best Buy for $100 bucks a pop

Oh, LG Fathom; like the HTC HD2, you’re one of Windows Mobile 6.5’s last hurrahs — a final spirited cry as the hawks circle over head. Packing a 1Ghz processor, a full touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it’s a solid piece of hardware prematurely plagued to obsolescence by a dying operating system. Ah well.

On the upside, you’ll be able to get this thing for (relatively) cheap. One of our sources just sent over a shot of an LG Fathom shelf tag freshly printed from Best Buy’s inventory system, price and all.

As long as things don’t change before the launch (which another source indicates is tentatively set for May 27th), you should be able to walk out with a Fathom for $99.99 on a 2-year contract. If you opt to buy it out right, that’ll set you back a cent shy of 500 smackers.