BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider shows up again, shows off its browser

Man. Unless they’re trying to get this thing to leak all over the Internet, RIM is having one hell of a time keeping the BlackBerry Bold 9800 a secret. The prettier of two experimental form factors for RIM (with the uglier one being.. this thing), the Bold 9800 Slider has been leaking out in photos and videos for weeks now.

Aaaand it has leaked again, this time showing the smallest of peeks at RIM’s new WebKit browser.

It’s not a whole lot to go on, but this shot (as acquired by TheCellularGuru) shows the browser’s fancy-pants tabbing system — and, for the sake of good ol’ rivalry, the browsers Acid3 testing score of 100/100. (For comparison: Mobile Safari 3.0 gets 40/100, while 4.0 gets 100/100. Android 2.0’s browser gets 93, while webOS and Opera Mini get 92 and 98 respectively. Internet Explorer Mobile 6 gets 5.)